This website was created for the sole purpose of helping people, like you, learn Arabic

My Journey

In 2014 when I started my journey to learn Arabic, I found myself confused about how I should learn the language. I had a generic goal to “learn Arabic”. When I dug deeper, I learned that there were significant differences between Arabic used in the Quran, Modern Standard Arabic, and locally spoken Arabic. I turned to google and forums to get a little guidance. Unfortunately, many blogs and websites were just funneling people into their own services.  Their advice was flat out wrong – due to their improper motivation.  I eventually found a family member who was willing to guide me.

Why OpenArabic?

Throughout my learning, I noticed that people were asking the exact same questions I did. So I created OpenArabic to answer these questions for everyone’s benefit. You will find the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my journey here. You may use it as a guide for your own Arabic learning.

The information on OpenArabic comes from a bilingual husband and a bilingual wife.  Both speak Arabic and English.  One is a native Arabic speaker and the other is a native English speaker.  The combination allows us to properly evaluate information and resources to help YOU learn Arabic.  We only share the best resources.


We love to hear from you!  If you have any questions or know of useful resources, you can contact us at contact@openarabic.org.