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Below you can find books and services to help you learn the Quran.  These resources can help you begin your journey to truly understanding the Quran. These are specifically designed for learning the Quran but you may also be interested in Arabic Grammar resources to aid in your learning.

Al-Qaidah An-NoraniahThe best way to learn proper tajweed in a format that helps you remember. Use the accompanying audio as a guide on how to use the book.
Arabic Through the Qur'anTeaches Arabic grammar by using the Quran and all vocabulary is from the Quran. Each chapter consists of grammar concepts, vocabulary, and practice translating the Quran from Arabic to English.
Udemy QuranA course on Udemy on the Quran. Learn the Alphabet and Arabic grammar.
Essentials of Quranic ArabicA very detailed book about grammar of the Quran. Includes a lot of examples from the Quran. One of the best grammar explanation books out there.
Corpus QuranDefinitions and grammar explanations of the Quran. Includes Quran grammar rules and syntax mappings.
WiktionaryVocabulary frequency lists from the Quran with definitions.
Quran Tajweed
Quran with tajweed color coding.
Quran Arabic EnglishA Quran in Arabic and English. Has tajweed coloring and explanations.
Stories Of The Prophets (Qisas an-Nabiyin)This book is designed for people learning Arabic. It starts out with simple sentences and gets more difficult as you work through the book. Created by Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi. Arabic & English Version. Vocabulary List
Omar Ibn Khattab SeriesA historical series about Omar Ibn Khattab. Great for Islamic history and improving your skills in Fusha.
Qasid Online ClassicalAn online course for learning classical Arabic with the goal of understanding the Quran. The center is based in Jordan.