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Arabic reading books help with increasing your Arabic fluency. Below you can see a list of reading resources in Arabic. These reading resources are designed to help people learn Arabic.

Modern Arabic Short StoriesThe book is a collection of Arabic stories with the English translation provided on the next page. This book is designed for intermediate readers of Arabic.
Stories Of The Prophets (Qisas an-Nabiyin)One of the best reading books. It starts off with simple words and increases in difficulty as the book progresses. English & Arabic
Media Arabic: A Coursebook for Reading Arabic NewsA course centered around being able to read the Arabic news. Provides vocabulary and English translations with plenty of exercises.
Children StoriesLists of children stories in Arabic great for beginners learning Arabic.
Bilingual Reading BooksReading books in Arabic with the English translation provided.
Easy Arabic ReaderReading book that progresses in difficulty. A great practice for reading comprehension.
Arabic Stories for Language LearnersProvides stories in Arabic and English along with an Audio CD. Very useful for improving fluency.
Arabic Collections OnlineA massive digitized library of Arabic books by NYU. This is a conservation effort meaning that all books are older.
Natural ArabicProvides articles in both English and Arabic. You can listen to the audio and read along. After reading, you can take a quiz to test how much you understood.
Harry PotterArabic edition of Harry Potter. You can find the entire series in Arabic.
Romeo and JulietIntermediate level reading book for the famous story of Romeo and Juliet. You will find English translations plus a vocabulary list to help you read the book.
MidoIntermediate Arabic reading book with translations and a glossary.
Madinah Arabic Reader BookA book that provides reading exercises along with grammar and vocabulary explanations.
Novel ArabicNovel Arabic uses Immersive-Reading for learning Arabic by saturating the text with audio.