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Universities and Institutions are one of the best ways to learn Arabic.  The structured courses with native speakers are an excellent way to improve your fluency.  We listed Universities below to help aid in your decision.

California University of PAOffers a Certificate, Bachelor's, and Master's degree in Arabic that is entirely online.
Qasid Arabic InstituteAn Institution based in Amman, Jordan that fully submerses you in the Arabic language. They offer courses in Fusha (both Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Quran Arabic) in addition to the spoken Jordanian Dialect.
Qasid Online
Arabic Language Institute in FezLearn Formal Arabic and Moroccan dialect in Morocco.
Al-DiwanA center in Egypt that offers language intensive programs.
SINARCAn Arabic Language learning program in Lebanon. Also offers Fusha and Lebanese dialect.
University of Texas at AustinOffers courses in formal Arabic along with dialects.
University of MichiganUniversity of Michigan offers summer courses in Arabic.
Columbia UniversityArabic course offered at Columbia University
Penn StatePenn State Arabic program for beginner and Intermediate levels.
Georgetown Arabic ProgramGeorgetown summer Arabic program.
Madina ArabicMadina Arabic offers an intensive program in arabic language studies.
Alibaba International CenterAn Arabic education institute located in Jordan but also offers online courses tailored to the students needs. The online courses offer one on one Skype sessions.
Arab AcademyBased out of Egypt, it offers online classes for adults and children. It offers courses for Egyptian Arabic, Fusha, and Islamic Arabic.