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Learning the Arabic alphabet is the key to becoming fluent in Arabic.  At first, you may learn to write Arabic as English transliterations for letters. Over time you must become less dependent them which will help you in the long run.  Books and apps below will help you learn the alphabet, including proper pronunciation.

Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic LettersContains audio and video instructions on how to read and write the alphabet. Popular book to use in universities. Companion Website
The Arabic Alphabet: How to Read & Write ItA very detailed book explaining how to read and write Arabic. Popular for self studying.
Udemy Arabic AlphabetA really well done course on the Arabic Alphabet. Worth checking out.
Youtube Madinah ArabicTeaches the proper pronounciation of the Arabic alphabet.
ArabicPod101 LettersA great video explaining the Arabic letters by ArabicPod 101
Arabic letter SongThis song let's you hear the Arabic letters with their short vowels.
Yemen LinksGreat printable worksheets to help practice writing the letters.
Online AlphabetAn online course teaching the Arabic alphabet.
Writing WorksheetsWriting worksheets for all letters of the Arabic alphabet.