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A list of Arabic Grammar books used to help you learn the fundamentals of Arabic.  Don’t forget that reading and writing are important aspects of learning Arabic in addition to listening and speaking skills.

Al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum al-'ArabiyyaA Series of Arabic Grammar books popular in Universities. We recommend using the companion website as it helps solidify the Arabic learning and initiates full immersion. Companion Website
Madina Islamic UniversityExcellent book that covers all the essential Arabic grammatical rules and combines modern Arabic vocabulary with Islamic terminology. Youtube Lessons
Udemy GrammarA nice course on Udemy that covers Arabic grammar.
A New Arabic GrammarConsidered one of the best Arabic grammar books because it is easy to understand and contains a lot of detail. Answer Key & Review
Mastering Arabic SeriesExcellent grammar book taught in many universities. Great choice for self study. Companion Website
Arabic Between Your HandsProvides conversational practice while integrating grammar rules. An audio CD is provided as part of the practice conversations. Best used after learning Arabic Grammar. Amazon
Arabic In Our Children's HandsBest book for teaching your kids Fusha. Best used after your kid knows the alphabet and fluent in reading.
LQ TorontoOnline grammar course based on the Madina books. Contains videos explaining the lessons. It is very well done and worth a look. The goal of the course is to make you fluent in MSA and understand the Quran.
All The Arabic You Never LearnedGrammar explanations aimed at filling in the missing information for Arabic grammar.
Madinah ArabicFree, online Arabic grammar lessons
Arabic Verbs & Essentials of GrammarBook that would be an excellent supplement to your Arabic learning regiment.
Modern Standard ArabicOne of the best Arabic grammar books. It teaches grammar in conjunction with dialects. Check out the sample lessons and pages.
Qasid OnlineModern Standard Arabic course taught online by Qasid Arabic Institute. The course involves the Al Kitaab series and multiple one on one private sessions.
Arabic: An Essential GrammarA nice book explaining grammar rules with exercises at the end of every chapter. Ideal for Intermediate learners of Arabic.