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Arabic TV shows, Movies, and Cartoons are an excellent way to practice your listening comprehension. Cartoons are a great starting point because they are usually slower so kids can understand what is being said.

View the resources below.

Fairy Tale CartoonsFairy Tales in Fusha with English Subtitles
Islamic CartoonsA plethora of Islamic Cartoons in Arabic (fusha) with English subtitles.
More Videos
Child CartoonsArabic children cartoons to help with learning Arabic
Cartoon ArabiContains a list of cartoon in Arabic
BBC ArabicArabic news channel provided by BBC
Aljazeera LearningAljazeera's website dedicated to helping you understand Arabic.
Aljazeera NewsNews videos in Fusha Arabic that makes for great listening practice.
Roya TVTV channel based out of Jordan that has programming in Fusha and various dialects (depending on the show).
Omar Ibn Khattab SeriesA Historical movie about Omar Ibn Khattab. Great for Islamic history and improving your skills in Fusha.