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Egyptian Arabic is the language that is spoken in Egypt. It originated in the Nile delta around the capitol Cairo. There are a total of 64 million speaks of Egyptian Arabic.

The resources in the table below can help you learn Egyptian Arabic.

Glossika EgyptianThis online service in excellent way to practice common useful Egyptian Arabic conversations. A sophisticated algorithm optimizes how you learn the language.
Egyptian Arabic DiariesBook includes short personal essays (with audio) of local Egyptians that will help in your ability to have meaningful conversations.
Kallimni 'Arabi BishweeshFirst book of a series dedicated to helping you learn the Egyptian Dialect. Contains Audio examples to aid in your pronounciation.
Kalaam Gamiil: An Intensive Course in EgyptianExcellent book that teaches Arabic Grammar in conjunction with learning the spoken Egyptian dialect.
Live LinguaBased on Egyptian Dialect. Courses from Defense Institute and Foreign Service Institute that include an eBook and accompanying audio.
Pimsleur EgyptianA spaced repetition method of audio to help you become fluent in Egyptian via practicing conversation.
italki ArabicConnect with Arabic tutors and practice your conversational skills.
Talk In ArabicA service that teaches you how to speak in Arabic dialects.
Living ArabicAn online dictionary for Egyptian Arabic. Offers mobile apps.
Arab AcademyBased out of Egypt, it offers online classes for adults and children. It offers courses for Egyptian Arabic, Fusha, and Islamic Arabic.
Rocket LanguagesAn Egyptian course by Rocket Languages. Ideal for beginners and intermediate speakers.
PlayalingA free service that allows you to view videos of people speaking Arabic. You can filter by difficulty.
Michael George ArabicA youtuber who has a channel dedicated to Egyptian Arabic.
Adaheeh (Nerd)An Egyptian series about a guy who introduces funny science concepts in a funny way.
EgyptoonEgyptian cartoons with satire.
Egyptian Arabic: Easy Stories With English TranslationsShort stories in Egyptian Arabic to help with your fluency.