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Jordan Arabic is the variety of Arabic spoken in Jordan. It is a subset of Levantine Arabic. There are about 6.24 million people speaking Jordanian Arabic.

View the resources below to help you learn Jordanian Arabic.

Hakini Arabi: Palestinian and Jordanian ColloquialA course centered around the spoken Arabic in Jordan and Palestine.
The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic: Jordan & PalestineAn excellent book with detailed definitions and sample sentences. Includes audio.
My American NeighborA Comedy TV show in the Jordanian dialect.
Spoken Arabic Dictionary, Diwan BaladnaAn excellent resource for speaking Jordanian Dialect. You must be able to read Arabic to use this book
CGE Jordan InstituteA Youtube channel that teaches Arabic so you can get around in Jordan. Mainly focuses on spoken Arabic.
Live Lingua JordanianExcellent course that teaches Jordanian dialect
italki ArabicConnect with Arabic tutors and practice your conversational skills.
Talk In ArabicA service that teaches you how to speak in Arabic dialects.
Qasid OnlineAn online course centered around teaching Jordanian Arabic. The course consists of a structured plan with one on one conversations.
Roya TVTV news channel in Jordanian dialect. Be sure to check out their comedy and drama channels on youtube.
Jordanian Sesame StreetSesame street in the Jordanian dialect.
Female ShowA popular Comedy series in the Jordanian dialect. It is a little challenging for beginners but worth watching.