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Lebanese Arabic is a variety of Levantine Arabic spoken in Lebanon. About 5.5 million people speak Lebanese Arabic.

View the resources below to help you learn Lebanese Arabic.

Lebanese Arabic PhrasebookA Lebanese Arabic phrasebook with fun games and exercises to solidify your understanding of the dialect.
Conversational Arabic Quick and EasyA great book for conversations in the Lebanese dialect. This book does not contain Arabic letters though.
Shou fi ma fi?A book explaining the Lebanese and Syrian dialect with audio samples.

Learn Lebanese Arabic with Hiba Najem
Youtube channel teaching spoken Lebanese Arabic.
italki ArabicConnect with Arabic tutors and practice your conversational skills.
Talk In ArabicA service that teaches you how to speak in Arabic dialects.
Living ArabicOnline dictionary for Lebanese Arabic. Offers mobile apps.
Colloquial Arabic (Levantine)A course for Lebanese Arabic. All Arabic words are written in English.