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Syrian Arabic is the type of Arabic spoken in Syria. It is a subset of Levantine Arabic.

View the resources below to help you learn Syrian Arabic.

Shou fi ma fi?A book explaining the Lebanese and Syrian dialect with audio samples.
Syrian Mango LanguagesCourse that focuses on conversations in Syrian Dialect.
Live Lingua SyrianBased on Syrian dialect. Courses from Defense Institute and Foreign Service Institute that include an eBook and accompanying audio.
Pimsleur Eastern ArabicConversational practice with spaced repetition technique of listening and repeating audio. Based on Syrian Arabic.
italki ArabicConnect with Arabic tutors and practice your conversational skills.
Talk In ArabicA service that teaches you how to speak in Arabic dialects.
Living ArabicOnline dictionary for Syrian Arabic. Offers mobile apps.
PlayalingA free service that allows you to view videos of people speaking Arabic. You can filter by difficulty.
SyrianArabic.comA website dedicated to teaching Syrian Arabic
A Dictionary of Syrian ArabicExcellent dictionary to help you learn Syrian Arabic